LED Strip Lights

What Are LED Strip Lights?

One of the most exciting lighting options on the market, LED strip lights are flexible circuit boards populated with small LED bulbs that can be used in a variety of applications anywhere around the home, including outdoors. Fully customisable, LED strips are the perfect complement to any layered lighting plan. They allow you to illuminate locations that may be otherwise hard to light, highlight architectural features and create a cosy ambience for a bespoke, luxurious feel. 

Choosing the Right LED Strip Lights

When buying LED strip lights for your home, it's very important to choose high-quality brands that will stand the test of time. At Lighting Superstore, we stock only premium quality LED strips that are made from robust components and backed by warranties so you can shop with confidence. Choosing the correct colour temperature is crucial to get the right brightness for the application - most strip LED lights are used in addition to other lighting sources to create a soft ambience. In this case, will need to use a warm white colour temperature. If you are using strip lighting for more practical light such as under a kitchen cabinet, then you should select a strip light in daylight. Should the colour temperatures not be favourable it is also worth noting some strip light can also be made dimmable when run off a dimmable driver and compatible dimming switch.

Where to Use LED Strip Lighting in the Home

Create a high-end luxurious look in your kitchen by adding LED strips to the undersides of overhead cabinetry to create a subtle glow on your benchtops. You could also position the strips in the recess between the floor and the cabinetry, to create the effect that your cupboards are floating. LED strip lighting can also function as a beautiful backlight for bookshelves and display cabinets and you can even use them in the bedroom to create a soft warmth around a bedhead or to illuminate a walk-in wardrobe.

Consider Outdoor LED Strip Lighting to Brighten Your Alfresco Space

Exterior LED strip lighting is a great way to add atmosphere to your outdoor entertaining areas. Place along the outer edges of patios, decking and steps to improve visibility. Similarly, you can highlight the railing surrounding your deck or back porch in the same colour to enhance the effect. Use outdoor strip lights along the awnings or porch roof as a lasting alternative to fairy lights.

Buy LED Strip Lights Online

We stock a wide range of flexible LED Strip Lights for both indoor and outdoor solutions. Whether you're looking for colour changing(RGB), smart connectivity, or a custom solution, we've got a wide range of LED Strip Lights.