Interior Wall Lights

Wall Lights are the best way to create an inviting atmosphere while providing light without cutting off space in other areas. Wall lights are typically flush to the wall without any wires or cords exposed making them great for maintaining a minimal yet stylish decor style. Wall lights are great for illuminating areas with lower light levels or require additional lighting such as bedrooms, hallways, and bathrooms. Not sure what lights you need? 

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are one of the most popular wall light choices by far and for good reason. Sconces have a near timeless appeal due to being able to fit into almost any space due to a wide range of styles. Wall sconces are great for hallways, dining rooms, and living spaces.

Feature Wall Lights

Feature wall lights have seen a huge rise in popularity as modern feature wall lights come in a huge variety of styles that double as both decor and lighting. Feature wall lights come in an assortment of artistic shapes and finishes making them the perfect finishing touch to your home that you're looking for. We boast a wide range of feature wall lights from local artisans and global designers.

Stair Lights

Stair lights are also a popular form of wall lighting that can look great while remaining completely functional. From recessed wall light fixtures to LED strip wall lighting that can be installed along skirting boards and handrails, we have the perfect stair light solution for you. Shop our range of modern stair lights here.