The difference between Hamptons and French Provincial

The difference between Hamptons and French Provincial

The two are often confused due to their shared decor attributes.

Flicking through our range of Hampton style lights it become apparent to me that we had started to incorporate a large number of decorative over adorned fixtures more suited to a French provincial style. Researching this further I have found it was quite a common dilemma of many decorators when attempting to set a strong theme throughout their spaces. To help you understand the difference I discuss the styles and their aesthetics below.

Hamptons Style

Most will describe the Hamptons Style as a timeless contemporary theme, filled with glass and chrome, white on white in an almost costal atmosphere. Its main focus is on comfort through soft furnishings and relaxed additions such as a stack of books here and there.

French Provincial

French provincial is appropriately inspired by the French country side, and helps define another popular style known as shabby sheik. It is often made up of Antiques focusing on ornate craftsmanship, painted timber and neutral fabrics such as linen.  French provincial unlike Hamptons does not focus on light furnishing and it’s more structured in its decorative additions.