Downlights are a robust, modern lighting solution that has become a popular staple within Australian homes. Recent advancements in LED lighting technology have made downlights smarter and more energy-efficient than ever.

Buy LED Downlights Online

The Lighting Superstore stocks one of Australia's largest range of LED downlights that are perfect for a wide variety of needs. LED downlights are available in various IP ratings, colours, lighting, and capabilities such as being dimmable and smart home compatible. 

Why buy LED downlights? 

Energy-efficient LED downlights have fast become the norm across the lighting industry meaning most downlights have drastically lower running costs making your electricity bill cheaper. LED Downlights can also last up to 20 years making them incredibly enduring. 

LED Downlights have fantastic flexibility as a lighting solution. Despite their slim or recessed profiles, LED downlights are capable of outputting a range of lighting to suit various situations. Dimmable downlights are perfect for both ambient and task lighting due to their ability to alter their brightness. Smart and sensor downlights are also great for automating your home. 

Cost-effective. When you factor in their longevity and running costs, LED downlights are incredibly affordable making them great for installing as a main lighting solution throughout your home.