"Hello Google" Smart Lighting Intro

"Google" is becoming the first word of babies all around the world as the phrase "Hey Google" becomes the most commonly spoken throughout our households. Smart lighting is just one factor contributing to such a movement, so we thought we would outline a few we have recently been demonstrated and provide an opportunity for our customers to quiz us on our new products.

So far we have seen 2 different types. Mercator's "Smart Light" that uses a gateway to connect its devices to your network while Brilliants range allow each of their "Brilliant Smart" products to connect directly to your network without the use of a gateway. Pro's and Con's for both scenarios, ultimately it would come down to each customer circumstances to determine which is better. But keep in mind brands can not be mixed and matched.

While simply telling Google to turn the kitchen light on is by far the most empowering way, the apps that often accompany these devices have their place as well. For example, being able to dim or turn off your baby's bedroom light after a certain time has its advantages (and an instance when addressing Google is the last thing you want to do,insert waking baby noise here). So whether your desire be practical, or merely to show off in company smart lighting is a much easier, much cheaper solution than many of the automation systems that have existed over the years. For more information visit the smart lighting section on our website or feel free to shoot any questions our way.