Everything you need to know about Rattan Decor

Introducing natural elements to your home becomes a simple task with rattan. Whether you’re looking to add natural features, introduce depth or brighten your space, there’s guaranteed to be a rattan product to suit your needs.

What is 'rattan’ anyway?

Commonly referred to as ‘wicker’, rattan is the design trend that never goes out of fashion, its strength and versatility has seen it used for everything from furniture to light shades. Rattan has never been more on trend than it is right now. 

Are 'rattan’ and 'wicker’ the same thing?

Not quite, rattan is a flexible and sustainable material most commonly found in South East Asia, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to timber and much easier to harvest than most tropical wood.

Wicker is a technique for making products woven from any one of a variety of pliable plant materials such as; willow, rattan, reed, bamboo, and even synthetic materials.

How can rattan work for me?

The versatility of rattan makes it suitable for most styles and interiors, are you looking to add coastal elements to your home? Do you have a light-coloured space that looks a little white and washed out? Or a dark space that needs a bit of natural contrast? 

If so, rattan might be just the thing for you. Read on to see what products we recommend to give your space that perfect finishing touch.

The Amsfield pendant by Eglo adds a hint of natural sophistication to this bold space. Coupling dark features with light coloured rattan pendants assists in creating a beautifully balanced contrast. Buy online now at The Lighting Superstore.


The Cassie table lamp perfectly complements the natural tones on this classic bedhead, and we love the subtle contrast in textures. When it comes to rattan – don’t be afraid to play around with tone and texture. Buy online now at The Lighting Superstore.


The Tannah rattan pendant is the perfect way to add warmth to a crisp white room, this pendant complements the hints of timber on the bedside tables and creates a perfect symmetrical balance between the three natural elements. Buy online now at The Lighting Superstore

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