How to choose the right ceiling fan, every time.

What is the best size for a ceiling fan?

Size does often matter when it comes to fans, as generally speaking, ceiling fans with larger blade spans are able to output a higher amount of airflow e.g. The Skyfan 48" DC Ceiling Fan is able to output 13,920 m3/hr and the Skyfan 52" DC Ceiling Fan outputs at a higher 14,610 m3/hr. There are however, other factors that can affect output airflow for fans with similar or identical blade spans which takes us to another commonly asked question.

What material ceiling fan should I get?

Metal Ceiling Fans

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Modn-3 Ceiling Fan By ThreeSixty Fans.
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Metal ceiling fans typically have the highest airflow of any material however some metal ceiling fan owners report that due to the rapid speed at which the metal blades cut through the air, there is a noticeable level of noise. These fans are great where the noise isn't a huge concern or airflow is a priority such outdoor areas or in commercial settings.

Wooden Ceiling Fans

Concorde II Timber Ceiling Fan By ThreeSixty Ceiling Fans.
Concorde II DC Ceiling Fan By ThreeSixty Fans. Buy online from The Lighting Superstore.

Wooden ceiling fans are virtually silent due to the light-weight attributes that wood provides, however a reduction of airflow also comes at the cost of silent fan operation. Wooden ceiling fans are great if you're looking for a particular style to match your home's decor. 

Plastic Moulded Ceiling Fans

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Airborne Breeze DC Ceiling Fan By Airborne / AeroDC. Buy online from The Lighting Superstore.

In recent years, fan technology has come a long way with the introduction of more efficient motors and plastic / ABS moulded ceiling fan blades. Plastic moulded ceiling fans are a great option as they allow for similar airflow to metal alongside the reduced-noise benefits of wood. Furthermore due to the properties of plastic moulded ceiling fans, they are unable to rust or warp like wooden or metal blades. 


What's the difference between AC Ceiling Fans and DC Ceiling Fans?

A DC Ceiling fan like the Concorde 58" DC Ceiling Fan ceiling fan will use a total of 38w on high, while a standard AC ceiling fan will use around 60w on high. DC ceiling fans will usually have 6 speeds compared to an AC which will only have 3. It’s important to mention that the number of speeds does not mean the fan goes any faster, more simply that there is just more variance between them.

It’s also important to mention that all DC ceiling fans require a remote, while the AC Ceiling fans can be controlled by a remote or wall control the choice is yours (a good note to make when installing DC ceiling fans in kids bedrooms are rental properties where it’s possible they may go missing).