How to Change a Lamp Shade

The lamp shade is perhaps the most overlooked part of a decorative lighting fixture. I'm sure many of us have drooping, curly, or discoloured shades on our hanging light fixtures without necessarily noticing it. The good news is there are several beautiful lamp shades that can give you a fresh look at your fixture for a relatively inexpensive cost. If you're ready to replace that old, drab shade, follow these simple steps (including what to do if you run into any problems). 

Step 1:

It's important to assess what you don't like about your current lamp shade. Is it dirty? Old? The wrong colour? Or is it the wrong shape or size? If the lamp shade is the wrong shape or size, then be sure to measure your current lamp shade so you're able to compare it to a replacement shade. Alternatively, you can bring it in-store for either visual comparison or assistance from staff members. 

Step 2:

First, ensure that your lighting fixture is turned off and if there is a light bulb attached, make sure that it's not hot from recent use. 

Begin removing your lamp shade, some are attached to the bulb itself, if so remove the light bulb first, then proceed to remove the shade.

Alternatively, if your lampshade is attached via a decorative tip or 'finial' on top, then you'll need to unscrew that first in order to lift it off the base.

Step 3:

The easiest, and most fun step! Choose a brand-new lamp shade that suits your needs in terms of functionality and decorative style. Most lamp shades can be defined by their shape/style which include:

Most lamp shades come with a standard fitting however depending on the origin of the lamp or age, you may need a lamp shade washer, or a custom fitting which you are able to order from here.  

Step 4:

Gently put the lampshade into place followed by tightening any screws/decorative tips. Turn the lamp or lighting fixture on to test it and ensure that the shade fitting is appropriate.